wanna fall in love again :)

If it is possible

and only if it is true

I want to fall in love with you

I did once before

But now..no more

so , I want to know

can it happen like before

I wanna fall in love again

just for smiles

not for pain

no sighs invain

no tears falling like rains

I wanna know..are you sure:)

I did die..no it is not a lie

I died last night

it was a sight

I never did fight

not for right

nor for love

I died for life

got buried so deep

the mounds of earth allowed rain to seep

I was asleep

woke up to find myself no more

my soul had left my body for sure

Missed your smile

yes the pleasant sweet smile

That reached your eyes and mine

I missed your frowning brow

That questioned my exit before

You said good bye to me

I missed your last call

The one before fall

When winter set in to freeze

The lakes and breeze

I missed you more than me

I did and as you see

I am missing still to be.

Held in arms to feel

Your heart beat

Flowers in garden

Flowers in garden

Reminds me of Eden

Yes I was there

Once before , nowhere

Flowers were so many

Birds colorful and plenty

Singing to make me smile

I want to return there

But , must work hard to get

Entry to Heaven:-)

My lost Eden

Buy me one

Please buy me one banana

I love to have it split

If ripe its soft to lips

let me eat the tip

half is gone:)

don’t throw the peel

someone might just slip



What will be new in future ?

I think we will get a chance to change the movie,drama etc on screen . Yes !

In the movie hall, all the viewers will be able to change the story line , as it progresses whether a villain escapes or dies, hero jumps or not and the segments will be joining and developing as we watch the basic play. How entertaining would that be ? Of course, majority would win , even the title could change from Love in Rains to sunshine:)

Just as our cars colors would change , as we want like screen , every time we want to match it just a flick of finger and there , red to floral yellows , trees and waves all as we want it to be..no more paint job just a touch and lo! That is certainly entertaining.

We want to visit a far distant place and we log in to a system, and get transported to another location where the host must okay:) , and no more airplanes and visas , just go meet, eat and return. or work and get paid ..what ever . Now there are security issues too , but remember the host will decide if you are invited or not , and you will leave with their consent.

Now lets come to sunlight, we will trap it within a reflected case, once it enters it keeps glowing and all our bulbs doesn’t need to have electric power. The heat of sun is stored in and latter used to cook food or heat our homes, and we are free from all bills..

yes….someday we will have direct material transportation from different planets , and use their elements to create medicines and fuels…

I am thinking and re-thinking….hmmmm


Sometimes I forget

Not always no..not that I write too much ..I re-read less. I find so many things pop up in my time..I seldom get time for myself..imagine someone show me ..what I wrote..and forgot ! oops..that shouldn’t be the case.

I love to write..as a reaction , with passion and fire..but  seldom can I write  to the level of getting printed..and in a book form..well that is like a dream come true..we all know if we want to make things happen we must work..work.and work..but do |I ?

I normally think that work means ..designing spaces..because I get paid for that..thank God! otherwise my husband will certainly question me..about the expenditures I make for attending office.

I love to write..voice opinion or just bla bla..and I ponder when anyone..including myself..does too much bla bla..it is then I tend to forget.