Destiny or Direction

Many times we think we were destined to be what we have achieved, usually we think this way when we fail. because when we are successful the credit is our’s ..I think that is our perception.

It starts from birth, to education upbringing and career paths, marriage and then a family life..a continuous changing scenario. Some we have decided upon others  have happened on it’s own. Basically what we want, other’s want and the whole world order changes that is beyond our control is destiny.

while talking to friends living in Syria, I used to think how comfortable their life is and here I am in Bangladesh facing problems.. then the war totally demolished and demoralized the entire nation. Syria is no longer a dream rather it is nightmare, filled with screams and tears.

What we want or like in present has no guarantee in future, we can not predict everything, because we are not aware of all the forces that are prevalent at this moment. many incidents are reported after it occurred..not at the  planning stage.

Then we think destiny has much to do with us..and prayer to have a safe life is a must. For only God knows what will happen in the future and what is better for us…so let God direct us towards a pleasant life on earth and after…ameen



The rain and the breeze

I stand alone in a dream

Nature is my company

I love the feel

The drops hits my palm with force

I want to capture all of those

But no one can do that it seems

Rain you drop so many

Breeze you touch and go

taking away my sorrows

Love the nature that surrounds me

I love your company


Returned to Blog

Life is about to change. I have returned to Blog writing, something I love to do, just as I  love to design buildings. Unfortunately, I have not yet made  a comeback, in the capacity of an Architect. Sometimes I fear whether I will be able to join any organization again..opening up my own consultancy is an option but that needs  lots of connections ..No not to get work rather to get paid for the work.

Then I constantly think about turning myself into an academician..but that requires a first I have to become a student before I I ready ?

I don’t know..but this situation is getting me tensed..I love to work as an Architect and that’s what I want to do..everyday..I love to listen to clients expressing their dreams..intangible and then my expressions as a drawing the tangible..slowly but firmly we progress to building a dream.

Rural development

We always talk and write about urban planning and management. Now it’s time to focus on rural architecture. Agriculture is important and to keep the land remain as a harvesting field we must plan now. I have an outline. Map all the fields to distinguish the harvest. Then find a location which has the worst production capacity. Use that piece of land as a residential area.

Next link all these low production sites with a transportation system. It can be a hover craft. The fields now needs to be developed as a levels, meaning we must go for multiple level farming. What needs ground and which produces can be elevated has to be identified. This will to some extent save land as a resource.

The edge where farm land ends and a transitional space starts that belt should be now a new housing scheme for farmers who owns or works in the farmland. Housing scheme must have all amenities and banking facilities alongwith transportation network and huge storage spaces.

The scheme should have a genetic engineering centre for advancement and learning of farming. The previous hand on experience of farmers and the new methods evolving for example in Netherlands can be a way to advance production capacity and enriching the soil conditions.

Rain water collection and redistribution must be planned for overcoming water shortage during summer. A vast field be set aside for cattle and poultry as a supportive food system. A mobile health care unit for animals must be available for maintenance of animals husbandry.

Milk and eggs supply to cities must be planned for best returns for farmers. The farmers should become richer than ever before as food is the most important thing in our lives.

The education system be oriented towards becoming best farmers as a degree. The students will learn more effectively and scientifically. The approach is to bring the land value of farming land more than urban plots. The economic benefits of living in rural areas will compete with cities.

Hence progress will not mean migration to cities rather it will be living in a farm land. The building designed for farmers be duplex with a double height space for creating better air movement. The light and ventilation be natural . Solar energy equipment be planned to become part of the building design. Hence each building will be self sustainable in their own pace. And contribute to the national grid.

The inheritance of land normally divides the land. The division should be in income and not on physical land. So that joining of land can benefit them more in production capacity. Privilege of living and working in a farm must be in terms of cash benefits and health insurance.

Let’s retain farmland and progress anew. Agriculture needs a fresh start.


Idea or inspiration

Feelings or situation

How to choose words

Simple or complex

Direct indirect

Sweet or sour

How hot pours

How cold it chills

Poetry is a thrill


2018- The New year

2018 what can you do for me? Nothing. Time will pass just as it does at its own pace. Yes, I can do something better than last year. I willl be aware of things happening around me and world. I will be conscious of balancing my life and love my family and friends with more warmth, sincerity and dedication. I may not be able to transform instantly but my steps will move forward.

2018 I am not new but can renew my strength, take care of my health in mind and body. How we get confused about good and bad…does it mean my inner self has weakened.. should I not help myself.

I should wake up…and get started… Life is passing..