Are we protecting or destroying?

If we let our children get away with wrong doings ,simply by ignoring the act or covering it up, without a flinch are we protecting them or pushing them towards destruction?

There is always a punishment/control for a mistake/crime , and it starts with a mistake , unintentional in the beginning and later intentional. A child lies and plays, thinking  that it is right.. if in a joking way, parents ignore and don’t tell them how it will later develop into a bad habit. The child repeats and slowly finds out , that  a lie can protect him from many odd situations , his habit of lying he cheats..then he plans a fraud and finally embezzles . Lands up in jail or kills someone in real.

His value system becomes weak , and reduced to tatters because his sense of recognizing a sin is not actually making him stop. Why we learn and where we learn, has no excuse for continuing to practice wrong notions, even though we  acknowledge that our values are immoral. We further indulge in self deception, by  telling our inner voice ,”others are liars too “,  I lie only when I get into a tight spot. Convenient !  isn’t it ?

Suppose there is a fire burning and engulfing the area, would we run or stay as others get burned and charred..we run :) we escape that pain and possible death..we are trying to protect our life. Then why not protect our soul ?

Protecting ourselves and our children must include  learning and teaching good moral values ,it doesn’t matter if 90% of population where we reside have wrong thinking , remember only that darkness is everywhere but light source even if limited can enlighten everyone anywhere..

we write with or without a read

we write..just as we speak..only words are silent until literate eyes read..and the message is registered in the mind..questioned or left untouched..just as throwing a stone in bottomless know it was has a weight..yet never know what it touched as it dropped..has it landed or still moving with gravity..endlessly..forever…when someone feels or clicks on like..leave a comment or follow us…we know it has come in contact with another mind…another soul..another heart…

Lost and found :)

When you fail and others win , when you get late while everyone else is on time. There is some inner frustrations and depressions, even jealousy and anger. A reaction to failures and disappointments, lead us to either pull others or push ourselves for better result.

Each failure has in-built lessons, this is the moment of weakness when ego can beat you dead or intelligence can rescue you for better approach or exercise. In life, we have trillions of wishes , yet few set targets and goals. Wishes are expectations and goals are achieved, not always can we be healthy nor effective, as our knowledge is limited to our effort. We can try, but others can be better not just hard work but sheer intelligence. How can we then compete ? We, should analyze our defeats and our potentials , whether it was a less creative effort or had nothing creative, did we give time for thinking or just went ahead to doing.

It is important to first think, and re-think till we are satisfied , for this initial brain storm we do need research and inspirations, that we decide to explore and then after all angles are evaluated , we must proceed with the “doing” part.

Speed with accuracy is only appreciated when the final result is nothing less than “awesome”

Valentine Day

Each day has love , it is an on going feelings. Life has moments that we celebrate with laughter , or a kiss a touch or hug. Acts of love are better than gifts, learn to create such a life that makes heart happy and soul satisfied. Do celebrate Valentine’s day, but live a life where every day is special!

Happy Life:-)

Look at me :)

Turn around and look at me

I am just behind you..can you see ?

Now..that you turned ..I hid behind the tree

Again you walked..and I followed like a breeze

brushed passed you…left fragrance of sea

you felt a certain chill..yearned for tea

don’t get confused..I got tricks up my sleeve

always am naughty…as I can be :)

Please be careful..and caring too.

In this mega universe where most of us can not even list or know things that surrounds us , we are wasting time creating problems and issues. Natural catastrophe , epidemic and disease may be controlled..but what happens when killing tools get widely promoted and drones are hot cakes in the market.
People are not really interested in the effect of killings rather triumph in the act of spreading sensational stories .
The value system that was making us concerned , is waved away..hidden under the rug. Not many would care today about how they lead this life ..all they want is “pleasures” moments of exhilarating experiences..then what ? soaring pains..those who have feelings for others and care for human beings , will always condemn act of terrorism and violence.
If you want peace, prosperity and freedom…liberate your mind and look around..the whole Universe is for you to learn and serve.