Flag down

Driving a left hand car on a road where all other cars are right hand, has its advantages and disadvantages.

My husband who actually drives is on safe side of the road, but not me. I am sitting on the side that the cars are coming. Unsafe.

Other drivers think..a woman is driving let us over take her..but my man’s ego gets bloated and he doesn’t let that happen and so I am floating..

At any instance bumper to bumper or side brushing happens..I somehow get the heat..not my fault at least.

Police flag down and asked me to produce driving license ..but it’s my husband who is driving !

When my husband is alone..and is waiting for the cars in front to move ..the policeman comes and ask..where is the driver of this car..he is not suppose to park it here..but..says, my husband I am the driver and that there are cars in front not moving..well the officer  can also see that..can’t he?



When I was younger, I used to  do many household chores, like getting newspaper picking up cups or changing the calendar slots. Small fry :)) that was me.

Once it so happened, that our refrigerator was not working properly, and we had a prepared a drink that had milk ,thinking that it would get sour , my mother asked me to request her close friend to keep it in her fridge until evening. We were expecting  guest to arrive. I took the huge jars and gave it to mother’s friend, after a couple of hours I was told to fetch the jars. Guess what all that was given to be cooled was already distributed and consumed.. bewildered, I was like lost. Misunderstanding was, the friend thought we had given the milk based sharbaat for her and not just for keeping it. Since then, I am a bit careful in doing the chores ..

Small fry.

Nature Poetry

When you remember to forget.

Life is all made up of memories

Mind is always so precise. Images are formed , sounds are deciphered , fragrance or odor, cold or hot. You never need to ask , mind knows it all. I sometimes want to recall names, places, dates and reasons for the rise and fall, for every mistake that was made

I want to know, what to learn and how to let go. maybe, it is an escape from age, from failures from loss, what is it?

I want to be but was unable to achieve. Wisdom, faith and honesty..that was supposed goals for me..wisdom came, faith retained and honesty..its fading away..that is what disturbing me. if I am no longer honest than I can not have faith nor be wise..I must remember not to forget, me.


Magical moments…


Magical moments. Life has surprises and shocks and nature has an ongoing artistic moments.

I find the sky to be magical. The wide screen, that so humbly touches the earth and uses it as the edge, of

a portrait..I wonder how can all this composition be so perfect. Moment by moment, endlessly, whenever I watch the Discovery channel, the majestic sky has a moving scenario that encompass the whole situation. 

of course, the credit goes to the mind behind the lens. The ones, who captures it but what about the scenery.. the poetry, the feel of that time. Looking at the sky..I feel one thing for sure, that it is looking at us, trying to wonder what we have to display. 

Sunrise or sunset, cloudy or rains, the windy days and bright sunshine play..the rainbow that is visible for sometime is the treasure, stars so bright but small, moon and sun that looks like a ball. 

I find that poetic..the sky and its clouds ..floating above our height and touching the mountain peeks so high..views..I love to see and share.

the magical moments are really every where.


The urban sprawl

Land is always recycled. the  mother earth may have witnessed the river’s changing the routes. Solid replaced by water bodies or reclaimed land. Whatever the minus or  plus the land has lived to watch architecture changing as per  people life style , technology, material, aspirations, politics and time. Now, the time is where we sit more and move less, but get to see many  places and join conversations with sleeping partners.

We are all trying to go green. After we have finished the wild life or rather restricted it to pockets, we are now going in the sea world and have started to make museums for our entertainment. After, sometime we will conserve the sea life. The main question is of balance, how much are we suppose to consume.What must be left as virgin. Can real estate development be slowed and why? Every individual should have ownership or there can be rented places, that has set rent increase.

What would architects, urban designer, town planners, landscape designers work on? How can they make a living, It is a question of rebuilding and reinvestment for more profit or better use.All this is really complicated and inter-related.



About the Old Wolf

About the Old Wolf.


Always think before you p…

Always think before you plan

It is but important to visit people.The social aspect of our networking for getting jobs and opportunities are well know, therefore sometimes we have to pay a visit to the richman’s house. Getting dressed and taking all that may please or attract this man, we sort of get ready for a war.The first battle is with our self rspect, once this is killed think that everything is over, for a body without a soul is a zombie, doesn’t get hurt nor dies, again. The huge gatre has a well dressed guard with so many other gadgets, pass this and screening, you finally land up in the first lobby, here guess who checks you out..yes his dog. Dogs are very much polite and sincere but remember only to their master, we on the other hand are the unknown intruders. here, lies the main challenge how to keep a smile on face yet get a heart atttack due to the ferocious barking and almost a killing attack. But, then connection is important however, the very nature of humans want to escape danger. Fear, is uncontrollable and makes us weak, before even the master comes we must leave..limbs are important too we realize and its time to run literally but narrowly escape the dog’s close bite..maybe next time while chossing a rich man’s connection, we must do some research on whether or not he has a bull terrier ..or poodle as a pet..

Uncategorized problem

Dhaka is a city that is actually an extension of a village, here everyday  people behave as if it is a small village. Where due to less traffic and low density, they can  move or do as they feel..but that is just the opposite of what Dhaka is over populated and has a crazy traffic..not in volumes but in its traffic flows.

Whenever, you are driving remember that the fast lane is actually the slow lane, people will over take you from left ..not from right. The traffic jams will have regular  movement of traffic head on..because these  people are from the government..i.e some cars will bear flags..ambulance will daily rush and kill others or at least try to kill. The three wheeler, pulled or with a cycle attached in front , will dodge a car trying to turn eventually after the car turning onto the lane is actually in his lane and not in their own..and is also upset at finding a car in that lane…surprising right..pedestrians they are in the park not on road each one has mobile phone to talk on for hours and will stand in the middle of a cross road or lanes to be more social..after all..they are very daring..Each year, this flood effected country has more people killed in road accidents than due to natural calamities..there is much news that country will get totally submerged in ocean ..but the land prices are still sprawling high and no one can actually purchase these with legal money…I can not find any of this as reasonable..but then  no comments


Development Proposals

The economy is much related with labor intense work. Population graph indicates that most of the people are poor, so it is logical that revenue generated mainly will focus on the capable hands, the literacy rate is 55% and those who are literate are not much interested in the  labor work. 

Dilemma is to strike a balance, resource for Bangladesh is population, the remittance generated is also due to garment workers and labors send to middle eastern countries, what should be done to support this huge population to overcome their housing issue, their chance for better training/ literacy and in turn health issues.

It seems logical to divert resources in this population who are directly responsible in making the GDP climb over international recession, but inflation increase will actually kill this population, when food will be out of the reach of this population. Will , we watch them die and be replaced by others or will we maintain a constant supply of labor to come to a point that China will be second to us, in cheap labor.

Ensuring food with a privileged card for those who are involved in garments or textile, it will be an indirect investment in form of a subsidy.Initiate on the outskirts of the main Dhaka city, a new development, like satellite town for relocating the Garment factories and basic housing for the Garment workers. This will move a huge population to the out skirt and give new empty plots within the city for new developments.

Giving them training and social boost with local performers, after all the ancient folk art is also dying, so if those artisans get a chance to perform maybe their songs and dances will live another generation. Who will invest and why? Government must invest with a solid recovery program, always charge the people for they will respect your investments, anything free is never valued..for you don’t get the pinch..ouch!

Slowly, this labor intensity will grow and new scope for training others will evolve. Everyone must pay back, no matter how small the amount drops would make a sea just as rains get us floods. Talking of floods..we need to address that issue too.


Bangladesh – Future Development Scenario

Architecture scope in the reality of economic development and setbacks, people’s basic shelter related problems and aspirations for developing a vocabulary in defining appropriate style in architecture. What is our need and how we define our wants, who will decide the limits to spend and how.

Traffic on the road is a reflection of the society’s behavior that tells us how we think and respond..traffic jams does it reflect the stagnation in our social development, unruly driving is it a mirror of power play in each one’s capacity to be rude and greedy..always using the wrong side to drive..for getting away from it the sneaking away thief’s action..nobody checks the wrong doer and punishes the person on the right…means the value system of society has become what is not suppose to be..