Development Proposals

The economy is much related with labor intense work. Population graph indicates that most of the people are poor, so it is logical that revenue generated mainly will focus on the capable hands, the literacy rate is 55% and those who are literate are not much interested in the  labor work. 

Dilemma is to strike a balance, resource for Bangladesh is population, the remittance generated is also due to garment workers and labors send to middle eastern countries, what should be done to support this huge population to overcome their housing issue, their chance for better training/ literacy and in turn health issues.

It seems logical to divert resources in this population who are directly responsible in making the GDP climb over international recession, but inflation increase will actually kill this population, when food will be out of the reach of this population. Will , we watch them die and be replaced by others or will we maintain a constant supply of labor to come to a point that China will be second to us, in cheap labor.

Ensuring food with a privileged card for those who are involved in garments or textile, it will be an indirect investment in form of a subsidy.Initiate on the outskirts of the main Dhaka city, a new development, like satellite town for relocating the Garment factories and basic housing for the Garment workers. This will move a huge population to the out skirt and give new empty plots within the city for new developments.

Giving them training and social boost with local performers, after all the ancient folk art is also dying, so if those artisans get a chance to perform maybe their songs and dances will live another generation. Who will invest and why? Government must invest with a solid recovery program, always charge the people for they will respect your investments, anything free is never valued..for you don’t get the pinch..ouch!

Slowly, this labor intensity will grow and new scope for training others will evolve. Everyone must pay back, no matter how small the amount drops would make a sea just as rains get us floods. Talking of floods..we need to address that issue too.

2 thoughts on “Development Proposals

  1. Hi
    Thanks for visiting soulsnet and leaving a comment. The problems you describe here highlight the gap between east and west. Many in the west suffer from what many in the East would consider to be a luxury disease, the mental problems that seem to blossom once the basic physical needs have been met.

    Interesting post.


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