Dhaka is a city that is actually an extension of a village, here everyday  people behave as if it is a small village. Where due to less traffic and low density, they can  move or do as they feel..but that is just the opposite of what Dhaka is over populated and has a crazy traffic..not in volumes but in its traffic flows.

Whenever, you are driving remember that the fast lane is actually the slow lane, people will over take you from left ..not from right. The traffic jams will have regular  movement of traffic head on..because these  people are from the government..i.e some cars will bear flags..ambulance will daily rush and kill others or at least try to kill. The three wheeler, pulled or with a cycle attached in front , will dodge a car trying to turn eventually after the car turning onto the lane is actually in his lane and not in their own..and is also upset at finding a car in that lane…surprising right..pedestrians they are in the park not on road each one has mobile phone to talk on for hours and will stand in the middle of a cross road or lanes to be more social..after all..they are very daring..Each year, this flood effected country has more people killed in road accidents than due to natural calamities..there is much news that country will get totally submerged in ocean ..but the land prices are still sprawling high and no one can actually purchase these with legal money…I can not find any of this as reasonable..but then  no comments

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