Always think before you p…

Always think before you plan

It is but important to visit people.The social aspect of our networking for getting jobs and opportunities are well know, therefore sometimes we have to pay a visit to the richman’s house. Getting dressed and taking all that may please or attract this man, we sort of get ready for a war.The first battle is with our self rspect, once this is killed think that everything is over, for a body without a soul is a zombie, doesn’t get hurt nor dies, again. The huge gatre has a well dressed guard with so many other gadgets, pass this and screening, you finally land up in the first lobby, here guess who checks you out..yes his dog. Dogs are very much polite and sincere but remember only to their master, we on the other hand are the unknown intruders. here, lies the main challenge how to keep a smile on face yet get a heart atttack due to the ferocious barking and almost a killing attack. But, then connection is important however, the very nature of humans want to escape danger. Fear, is uncontrollable and makes us weak, before even the master comes we must leave..limbs are important too we realize and its time to run literally but narrowly escape the dog’s close bite..maybe next time while chossing a rich man’s connection, we must do some research on whether or not he has a bull terrier ..or poodle as a pet..


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