The urban sprawl

Land is always recycled. the  mother earth may have witnessed the river’s changing the routes. Solid replaced by water bodies or reclaimed land. Whatever the minus or  plus the land has lived to watch architecture changing as per  people life style , technology, material, aspirations, politics and time. Now, the time is where we sit more and move less, but get to see many  places and join conversations with sleeping partners.

We are all trying to go green. After we have finished the wild life or rather restricted it to pockets, we are now going in the sea world and have started to make museums for our entertainment. After, sometime we will conserve the sea life. The main question is of balance, how much are we suppose to consume.What must be left as virgin. Can real estate development be slowed and why? Every individual should have ownership or there can be rented places, that has set rent increase.

What would architects, urban designer, town planners, landscape designers work on? How can they make a living, It is a question of rebuilding and reinvestment for more profit or better use.All this is really complicated and inter-related.


By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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