When I was younger, I used to  do many household chores, like getting newspaper picking up cups or changing the calendar slots. Small fry :)) that was me.

Once it so happened, that our refrigerator was not working properly, and we had a prepared a drink that had milk ,thinking that it would get sour , my mother asked me to request her close friend to keep it in her fridge until evening. We were expecting  guest to arrive. I took the huge jars and gave it to mother’s friend, after a couple of hours I was told to fetch the jars. Guess what all that was given to be cooled was already distributed and consumed.. bewildered, I was like lost. Misunderstanding was, the friend thought we had given the milk based sharbaat for her and not just for keeping it. Since then, I am a bit careful in doing the chores ..

Small fry.

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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