Flag down

Driving a left hand car on a road where all other cars are right hand, has its advantages and disadvantages.

My husband who actually drives is on safe side of the road, but not me. I am sitting on the side that the cars are coming. Unsafe.

Other drivers think..a woman is driving let us over take her..but my man’s ego gets bloated and he doesn’t let that happen and so I am floating..

At any instance bumper to bumper or side brushing happens..I somehow get the heat..not my fault at least.

Police flag down and asked me to produce driving license ..but it’s my husband who is driving !

When my husband is alone..and is waiting for the cars in front to move ..the policeman comes and ask..where is the driver of this car..he is not suppose to park it here..but..says, my husband I am the driver and that there are cars in front not moving..well the officer  can also see that..can’t he?

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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