The inner you

The most correct identification of a society is by viewing the traffic.Why ? I used to think, got my answer, it is because in a blink we pass each other, routinely but we seldom catch a glimpse. The unknown passers-by, are anonymous. they have no names , and no meaning so do as you please. Those who regulate are already paid monthly by the big man, for his en route buses, so the driver though drawing a meager salary has a dangerous desire to block anyone and everyone, so they park on the road blocking the cars behind.he is taking a revenge on those people who have a better economical situation. Vengeance.Then beggars, they attack you when , you are endlessly waiting for the traffic police to give your lane a green signal, why don’t they have traffic signal? Simple, if everything is controlled automatically, then how will they abuse power.Then the pedestrians, they look on the side , which doesn’t have traffic, yes the opposite side and then cross without looking the side from where traffic is flowing.Why? don’t you see where you crossing? Answer is very tartly put, you are driving and don’t have eyes? Now, if I was the driver..I can reply, what about your vision, is it minus 20 ? then a brawl and more ugly.. ultimate you think rather re-think your actions and come to a conclusion.

Traffic, is the best indicator of a society. it clearly shows, how civilized people are in real.The law enforcers, when daily break the law and go on the wrong side. the ministry cars move with alarms , rushing again on the wrong side. it shows rules are not made to be followed, rather made to be broken..again and again.Those, who can bribe the man..and those who can not..they better maintain their lanes and drive safe its your life.

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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