Virtual vs real

Whenever a new social media is available.That is the new hub on the hub. So, many people. each time we need to introduce ourselves. Mostly, men are kind to women and to men; opposite attracts philosophy works best on website. Are we magnets? yes we do get connected and line drops, then nothing. Some complain and lament about, fakes , screamers but in real world, we fake many things except physically.  I find, virtual friends more open and pleasant, because they are always smiling..when online 🙂 They have ideas and are thoughtful, but sometimes even the virtual ones try to hide.When, they are online they want to go offline :)) deceptive measures. just like a father telling his son. to inform the guy downstairs that he is not at home. The young boy yells, father said to tell you that he is not at home 🙂

Virtual or real , humans would never change, they can not tell the truth nor can they lie..give them a break .and try..try to forget that you saw them when they were offline…because you did notice a post..ignore that they told you..that you are the best..they are innocent minds, telling you sweet things..for they want you  to stick around..and if by chance you had enough of this intangible off the computer and go back to the real..

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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