When it is right

I am always right..right? If, I didn’t think that i am right then why am I writing..I should not write. But..words are my friends and they always come to my rescue, whether I want to back bite or tell a story..that no one wants to listen or read. Words come to me, so obedient and smart. i love to write, because, it gives my husband to relax and he gets some space. After all, he is human and wants to watch wrestling. I can not understand the sadistic pleasures he derives, all the time some one is in a miserable spot, words or punches or you can not see me.. signatures style.I had a miserable time back then, now wrestling is shown but I got this wordpress.com..here, I am kalabalu and what does that mean? 

it means..nothing and everything . Nothing because, this is not a word and everything because this person writes and writes.Dare, you stop her..no way. Each night, fingers they get busy and dance on the key board, and yes salsa or cha cha..it gets smooth and flow like a stream. my thoughts..my words.. my friends 


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