Images blurred in mirror of time

How I wish , I had a mirror to show my reflection in real. When I am doing good deeds, my eyes would sparkle. if I commit a sin, my face would go dark. I will know, when to stop myself from petty lies ,to manipulative ways, to back biting or anger. All that kills my inner soul. Before , I die I do not want to live, like a body who’s spirit has left in distress.

Can I bring back my innocence and honesty, is it too late. How to ask for forgiveness, how to learn to correct my ways.Is there a chance for me.. I want my image from this blurred mirror to speak, tell me what I can not hear, make me say what I fear, break my heart..death is body has eyes brimming with tears.I came alone with hands in fist, tonight I leave with open palms, a bliss. You can check me, if i am taking anything from this world , no nothing just heap of sins.Image

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