Are we ?

If you ever talk to men or women, what difference do you find? I never found any, except that each is really amazing. Basically, there are serious people, funny group, philosophers, thinkers, politicians..but it hardly matter whether they are male or female. Some times, women are arrogant at times men are too, both have ego, and we have to really pull, to make them let go..not easy.phew!! Then lets talk about, back biting old habit dies hard, and this habit makes me want to die now..then nag nag nag.. both are equal in adding to the problems and issues. 

So, I have come to a conclusion.. are we equal ? 

certainly..whether looks, or style, brains or waves, challenge or give a heading you find, both to be equal. What we must understand is, we are different , just as our right hand is different from left hand, and lefties are different from those working with right. No, need to fight about equality or who is better or worse, both are equal in thoughts and sins, work and fun. 

So relax…enjoy and feel fresh. We form a good couple and when we smile, the world is a better place for us, together.


2 thoughts on “Are we ?

  1. Everybody is the same (100%) but mathematically different (60/40%, 50/50%, 30/70%, 80/20%, and all the between). Nobody is perfect that is why we all were made different but when we come together as one, we complete the puzzle.

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