7 days of a week

Monday comes so soon for some, not for me 

Tuesday swirls and twist my turn, where to see? 

Wednesday, its run and run, got the flee 

Thursday, its tough to spend, almost free

Friday night..relax and comprehend , wow..weee

Saturday and Sunday, happy end , at last its me 🙂



2 thoughts on “7 days of a week

  1. Interesting cycle! 🙂
    After one day comes another and then another and it never seems to end. But while a few people can reflect, many others just live life. It is good to enjoy the days because some people can’t even tell how each one passed. Struggling through life deprives many of the sweet tastes to explore but living each day at a time is one true secret to finding fulfilment.
    Simple, smooth and sweet! 🙂

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