In ancient times, there was an old house. One night, as a car was passing by in front of the house main gaet, it stopped.No reason. The lane was lonely, trees were moving and shadows were long and scary. Hoping to find some shelter, the passengers went near the gate. Finding no one, they thought maybe this is an abandoned house. As, they stood a wolf howled and leaves flew..with the breeze so cold that spine shivered.Suddenly, a man appeared, his head was messed up..looking towards this family, he asked..”Can you please tell me,who killed me last year. I was sitting here guarding the house, when suddenly, someone axe me to death, since then I stop every car that pass my master’s residence.”

The family of four, got really scared and trying to find words, trembled and said,” we will find out..don’t worry.”

The dead guard’s spirit then left..The passengers then returned and praying hard, they started the car..the sound of the motor was like a melody and they rushed out of that lonely lane.

Even today..the spirit waits for anyone to tell him, who killed him..that year..So..be careful, if your car stops suddenly..maybe a spirit is waiting for you..


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