What if

what if, I was a bird and flew distant lands. or a butterfly, that wandered over the  land..or a mosquito getting squashed with a racket or hand. What if, I was a candle burned and melted, again and again  What if..I was no more but a silent soul outside this human space. Would I feel trapped. Can I accept myself, in any other form than what I am.. a woman.

Woman, a source of life a gift of God..to man so he  learns to be part of mankind. A prayer for the child, to know that God loves him or her no matter how much he cries . A comfort of a warm blanket in a cold shivering night, the sister that holds the light. A softness that touches the pain and its gone..a  lover in disguise. A companion, who stands and fights for your right..is your wife. A smile..pleasant surprise when hope has died, your daughter. Crafty and vice..devil gets surprised..the vamp. 

Woman..your name  has many meanings for everyday life…so leave that knief ..your tongue


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