from me to you


Rose is rose..and you are you

I am so glad , we are friends too

next time you see a rose, think what I said is true

rose is only a rose..and you are you ūüėČ


Open letter ..want to read ?


my words may not express my feelings

but I must write it down

you inspire me beyond the real things

in life, where I go around.

There is nothing common, in our thinking

yet , it is in you that I have found

Truth, wisdom, poetry and pictures

I really think , it is profound

You capture moments not in paintings

nor in poetic verse

it is your eyes, that see life waiting

In and around

the best part of my presence is, that I also count ūüėČ

Safety First.



A tragic accident at garments  factory resulted in death of 110 workers.The question of safety and security surfaced, fire exits absence / misuse discussed. Nation mourned.So many citizens not only killed..but burned alive. Fire was an accident..but blocking the escape route was intentional. The gate was locked , when fire engulfed, they were burned alive. 53 bodies, charred beyond recognition. 

Where does the fire burns now, in the minds and hearts of those, who lost their loved ones. Why were they locked, caged, prison inside? Was it a bounded labor or camp ? 

Answer is simple. The workers were locked, because they were habitual thieves. They steal and want to steal more, each day every moment. Should the owner let them? 

But, getting burned alive for petty theft! No. This is not acceptable.

He should feel, how it is to be locked and get burned to death. I am not suggesting that he should be burned alive like the 53 workers, who got killed working in his factory.That would be  a barbaric way to punish anyone. 

Society, must get a wake up call. Culture of poverty is making those who are rich, behave in an unjust manner. The owner gets fed up with thefts, and he wants to get his merchandise secured, forgetting that people are valuable too.Replace all man power with robots? Drastic!! How will, the enormous population feed themselves and their families..another mass death, due to starvation..Mind is tormented..but solution it will seek and find.

People will act, not only to enforce ¬†safety of the workers but security for the owner’s products. We, all have rights and we all must respect, each other’s right to escape and to freedom.

Lessons to learn..or fall free


Falling in love..was a fall but you want to recapture the moment with me ::))

Come..I tell you clearly.

What makes a man fall in love..not that he was prepared..he stumbled over the fact. honest in words and action but not everything!

Not much effort is needed..balance between..going head over heels to turning a blast.. manageable?

Sex and cooking..both needs less thinking and more working..on ?

Adventure : Discover him and help him to discover you..

Should know..guy stuff..if he is making a blunder ..please step in :)) rescue him

Show him ..his potentials and make him prove them to you..

Talk..and make it short:)

beauty is a must..outer and inner//yep go to gym and parlor too

Sense of able to laugh ..even if it is hurting soooooooo bad..

Now..that was the  trap ..anyone..walking blindly..?