Change myself


We change over time. Physical changes are happening daily. Women, at my age are trying to apply all creams that can reverse the aging process. Olay! to the rescue 🙂 What about me..the inner me. That doesn’t change even if my  label changes..label means? My is a very deep of my friends was kind enough to reveal the truth..that me..the inner self. would remain matter whats the name..even if I have an ordinary name.

Why do I need to change?  Actually..we don’t need to change but improve in a positive manner. If, I talk too much bla bla ..I should control and give myself and others time to catch a breath. But..sometimes people want us to change for their own reasons. 

I find that we get influenced by exposures, certain experiences in life, during work or social interaction. The fear of rejection makes us vulnerable to accept changes…for  the list is endless..but we are forced to change and unhappy. That makes it a scar. When we get inspired and change our mind set.That makes us star.

Someone  once told me, do you know anything about butterfly effects. I said, no.

You do that very often, don’t you know..I actually still don’t know 🙂


9 thoughts on “Change myself

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