Thank you


Sometimes a formality, others part of a speech yet at times, this word covers much more than gratitude. it appreciates, the kindness, the warmth and the blessings. Each day, we wake up and thank God, for the life and food, family, faith, earth, water and stars..difficult to list all that we must thank for, each day..but we must at least say, thank you. For, we are able to say it, feel it and live it too. One day, one moment may never be enough to thank God for endless blessings, known and unknown. Thank you to the fellow beings, real and virtual, related or not, similar or different, we must acknowledge those who invented internet , electricity, computer and mobile phones, for communication is one priceless blessings. We, the people of today are not much different from previous age. Technology has changed, views got revised , laws were enforced and humanity got endorsed. Cultures got reviews, global feelings imbued and languages are translated, and messages are exchanged..for one basic need ..Connection.

We all need to be connected, thank you for being part of the virtual world and real world too.



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