Lessons to learn..or fall free


Falling in love..was a fall but you want to recapture the moment with me ::))

Come..I tell you clearly.

What makes a man fall in love..not that he was prepared..he stumbled over the fact. honest in words and action but not everything!

Not much effort is needed..balance between..going head over heels to turning a blast.. manageable?

Sex and cooking..both needs less thinking and more working..on ?

Adventure : Discover him and help him to discover you..

Should know..guy stuff..if he is making a blunder ..please step in :)) rescue him

Show him ..his potentials and make him prove them to you..

Talk..and make it short:)

beauty is a must..outer and inner//yep go to gym and parlor too

Sense of able to laugh ..even if it is hurting soooooooo bad..

Now..that was the  trap ..anyone..walking blindly..?


By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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