Liebster Award

Imagehmmm award is great..but questions are answer and to ask

Thank you to Clark kent for nominating and also for guiding me to reach at posting this news .

I have to search and find bloggers who got less than 100 followers…that means all new ones 🙂 like myself

Please..all those who got less than 100 followers contact me, make life easy. Searching how many got less, sure is tough. I think I am surrounded by the peers :))

So..I am waiting for tap me and let me know then I can proceed..I am lazy :)))

Rules for this award 🙂

When you receive this award,you post eleven random facts about yourself.Answer eleven questions from the person who nominated you.

Pass award onto eleven other blogs ( make sure you tell them ) and ask them eleven questions.

You are not allowed to nominate the blogger who nominated you.

make sure those you nominate got 200 or less followers.

Now the Eleven things about me 🙂

1. I am a woman ( I never forget to mention, remind and establish that, almost to everyone)

2. I got a family that loves me and had a grand parent too 🙂

3. I like to make friends, real and virtual.

4. I like corncob , chips with chilies and tamarind water .

5. I accept people as they are and never want to change anyone, just tease a bit perhaps.

6. I am an architect 🙂

7. I am married

8. I love to write, because I talk too much and other’s got to rest also 😉

9. I love my friends, I expect many things but then I don’t get disappointed too long, for there is always a smiling face or a hand to shake 🙂

10. Learn and apply, earn and spend, collect and spread, it is knowledge just let it flow, is my motto .

11. if, you want a serious no..not me 😉

Now the difficult part..answer the 11 Questions!

Question -1

What is your biggest sexual fantasy ?

Answer..Do I really have to answer that!


If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Answer : NewYork!, the BIG APPLE . Because, I want to feel that vibe..the people and the culture, competition and everything that I have missed.


Do you have any fear? What scares you most?

Answer : I fear to see my beloved people die. I am scared to hear their news of death. Somehow, I want to escape that ordeal. Death, is the only thing I can not handle for no body can redo that..and i miss that love..


what was the hottest sexual experience?

Answer : hmmmmm ..naughty

Question :5

Could you ever kill anyone? if you could getaway with, would you do that?

Answer: I am perfectly comfortable with killing mosquitoes and cockroaches, other than those two I will run 🙂 Including lizard and mouse..I am really scared..


What is your favorite song? And why is it?

Answer: You are my hero..its a touching song.


if you could save any ONE thing from your burning house, what would it be?

Answer: original degree sheet


Do you watch porn?

Answer: I did see it but I don’t watch it 🙂


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Answer: Some huge project design :)NY!

Question -10

What is the motto of you live by?

Answer: Be honest


My nominations are for the following :












Now my eleven questions 🙂

1. Ask yourself eleven questions and forward it


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