The do’s and don’t


The rules and regulations are made with many loop holes, those who made the rules know exactly how to escape the noose. So, the society is divided in two categories, those who can muscle out and wink at the laws they can do and those who are unable to get untangled are don’t .

What role does justice play in this arrangement. Why should those who made the rules not respect , that which they made? Is it to control or to deny others from doing something, that may be harmful or beneficial, to meet their own personal benefits.

Confusing, is it not? Why make rules if you can not even follow those, and you expect others to go by the rule.

But..the world is again divided on this issue, they got 69 concept my side 6 is your side 9 and vice verse..There are many arguments and so many causes, but only one lesson.

If you can be above law, then you can break the law for you are the law, and ironically your’s so you can break it; otherwise learn to follow the law otherwise, anything and everything you say could be and would be used against you in the court of law.


7 thoughts on “The do’s and don’t

  1. Rules to me have always been guide lines, not unlike the ones we use to climb mountains, but I catch your drift, especially when the divide is the haves, and have nots where one’s income thus crucially depends on citizenship, which in turn means (in a world of rather low international migration) place of birth. All people born in rich countries thus receive a location premium or a location rent; all those born in poor countries get a location penalty.

    1. thank you for your comment. I would also like to add, that when the law officer or the court let go of criminals because they are connected and the ordinary man gets imprisoned.

  2. what has made this issue real to you, i feel your underlying passion or better yet that’s not important, it is better when we write that we leave a negative space wherein one size fits all

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