Prayer for the New Year -2013



Dear God this New Year please

Give me strength to do good deeds

To understand what other’s need

Give me courage to lead

Please God, help me like the year before

To be honest and helpful more

To reduce the burden of pain

To induce other mind to regain

The lost hope and joys of life

To search the ways and strive

Give me humility, empathy and kindness to seek

Those who are helpless and weak

Today the prayers I say, are my wishes in real life

Those acts I always want to do

The person I want to be

Name I want to earn, for me

I ask God humbly, Please help me



10 thoughts on “Prayer for the New Year -2013

  1. Thank you for the beautiful and positive prayer. I will try to be kind and do more good for family and people who need me. I hope the next years peace and happiness come to our world. Happy New Year.

  2. Inspiring post.l like the prayer and the petitions.May all come true.God listen to us and never gives up on us.He gave us free love ourselves ,to know him and to love him.Have a nice day.Thank you for liking my post (the pen……)Halal

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