Happy New year -2013

Look what I got for you all just before the midnight hour. Yes , lots of love, loads of laughter, sunny hopes and flashing lights !! sheer delights. My wishes for you, your family and loved ones, that takes care of those who matters to you and you are someone in their life 😉

I am saying good bye to 2012 with a smile..yes it was a good year ..for some were born, close ones died, few made friends and others parted. 365 days..gone..last hours passing..

We, are smiling..means we are all happy. happiness is a gift and to be happy about life is virtue.

I got my report card  about how I was at word press..maybe I am the one..yep last benchers 😉

Nothing  new for me..Life is fun and Virtual life, is totally awesome..you know why..report card doesn’t need to get signed by anyone important.. I just informed my husband and he said ..really and then he hugged me..was it consolation or congratulations..I didn’t understand..but then love is unquestionable ..like a gift..free..oops..love is priceless ..sounds much better :))

My resolution for 2013..is I promise to try and get better..and I promise to try :)) and next year, if I am still online and here..my report card can tell if, I tried enough or not..

Lastly, I want to thank you each and everyone, who took interest to read if not full then at least some lines , I express my gratitude for your comments. I appreciate your analysis. I enjoyed the back fire..what is online if not hot line eh ? I am humbled with the nominations..And the prize..is the friendship I got from you..each one..every word..you wrote..means so much..only a heart beat knows..a tear a smile..unmatched..and felt deeply..I got my prize…and I would definitely put my effort to be worth again this year..to get your input..

Lots of love to you all. And,my comments if it has hurt your feelings in any way..I apologize.

Welcome 2013..we are all ready..are you :))


11 responses to “Happy New year -2013”

  1. happy new year, and happy writing, and happy loving.


    1. Love is a great way to be happy and it helps immensely in writing.


  2. Blessings to you & yours in 2013 ~ Wendy 🙂


    1. Thank you and blessed be your year too 🙂


  3. Hey, Kala, you hurt my feelings——–NOT! bahahahahaha! ❤


    1. I did ..I didn’t know..but if I did then I should know how? what ?when ? 😉


    1. happy new year 🙂


  4. However you did “it” in 2012 (whatever you define “it” to be) please, just keep doing it in 2013.


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