Maybes :)

Maybe I am just lonely

Maybe I am a little mad

Maybe you act a bit baloony

What a disgusting little rat

Ate up my cheese and stole my money

left me a note..written that!

He was hungry and my house was lonely

so, it get a treat, that is right?


Liebster Award Nomination/salti-di-gioia-da-condividere/

Thank you tuttacronaca  for nominating  me for salti-di-gioia-da-condividere

The rules are :

Post Eleven Facts about yourself.

Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create eleven questions for people you have nominated.

Choose eleven people to give this Liebster Award nominations to and add the link back in your post.

Go to their page and tell them.


Eleven facts about me 🙂

1. I am a story  teller .

2. I love to read poetry and see photographs.

3. I like music , art and craft.

4. I am totally new at blogging.

5. I never like to reveal myself with questions & answer

6. I like to be naughty and play with words.

7. I am open to ideas, but would accept those that I can handle.

8. I want to listen when you are silent.

9. I love to read, what you never wrote.

10. I want to see, what is hidden.

11. I want to be your friend , virtual but true 🙂

The eleven questions by tuttacronaca for me :))

Q-1 What is the next goal you want to achieve?

A-1 I want to be literate about blogging at wordpress.

Q-2 Do you prefer tea or coffee?

A-2 I like tea in the early morning and coffee later 🙂

Q-3 What would you like to unravel the mystery?

A-3 I want to unravel the mystery of reaching out from my seat to another, emotionally.

Q-4 What book you have on your bedside table?

A-4 Dictionary 🙂

Q-5 What can not you do without ?

A-5 Eating :))

Q-6 Which of the four elements(air, fire, water, earth) do you prefer?

A-6 Earth.

Q-7 What is your favourite flower?

A-7 I do not have a favourite flower.For me all flowers are amazingly beautiful.

Q-8 You could not live without ?

A-8 Life

Q-9 What do you prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate?

A-9 Milk Chocolate :)) with nuts

Q-10 You never get out of your house without?

Q-10 My ID

Q-11 What is the first thought when you wake up?

A-11 Is it already 5.30 am.

My nominations for Liebster Award are :))

1. Ericm Vogt,

2. David kanigan,

3. Tocksin,

4. Scott Williams.

5. Rhino House,

6. Grishmanphotography ,




10.The Old wolf,

11.Jeffery todd.

Congrats :))

I am sorry, that I missed out my 11 questions 🙂

So..better be late than never.

Ques -1. What do you look for in a person, before you make him/her your friend?

Ques-2. What is more enjoyable laughing or making someone laugh?

Ques-3 . If you could choose any animal that you related with, including bird and fishes, what would it be and why?

Ques-4 . If you could turn invisible what would you like to do ?

Ques-5. remaining a human, if you had the power to speak any language, which profession you would pick?

Ques.6. Given a choice, whom would you like to go on a field trip with, your spouse or a close friend?

Ques-7. What do you like to eat, sweet or sour?

Ques.-8. Is love more important or virtues?

Ques.9. When you buy any electronic item, is it for style /trend or use?

Ques-10. What makes you so special, is it your personailty, education or character?

Ques.11. What is better, to be known as a reliable person or to be respected as an intelligent mind.

Once, again I am sorry that I missed out the questions..please do reply and thank Jefferytodd for your reminder.

Right or Wrong :)


If you knew from right to wrong

would you help me write this song

has to be short  & sweet not long

If Good is bad, then happy  is sad 

Day is night, and dark is light

Loose  is tight

Black is white

When I sing, you can write

we can argue, but no fights 🙂

when get upset, hug me tight;)

we are friends, so it is only right

to know what is wrong and what is right :))

Equality, Development and Peace

Nations are different. Politically, culturally,historically and geographically..all merging and then emerges economic divisions. So, diverse and different, so how can equality be achieved. The Nations with hundred years of life span, are mature ,stable and visionary when compared to the emerging political identities. Those struggling to develop an identity or slogan that unites them as single nation, making them unique in their existence.

Equality, in getting opportunity to practise rights. Equality in expressing freely their ideologies irrespective of their background. Equality in aspiring to and being an inspiration to the upcoming being equal even if different.

Next, is development. What part does equality plays in opting for developing one’s nation, can adjoining states drill for energy sources without a fight? Can they vote for or against, with equal power. Does it matter who does it , as long as it is correct or right. Questions they move and target leaders in societies. Politically and economically, can each have right to get developed as suitable  for own or does the super power nod means everything or nothing. It is like a bully or a master relationship between the nations.

Peace, the last part but disturbed when equality and development are missing. The frustration and at times limitations, makes nations angry and vulnerable to stringent measures. Of course, it is a game. The survival is for the fittest, the best nation wins but does it mean others should cease to exists or it means, there are lesser valuable people and more important personalities.

So, the basic equation is…:)

Equality is Justice

Freedom is the essence of Justice.

Freedom to choose and to be 🙂 equal is Just..Justice

and Peace a by product when equality and development prevails.