Why?  who ?  what ? and where ?

Went my life, here and there

He got a wife, yet he swears

I am so lonely, nobody there

Woes and worries

thoughts and scares

No one wishes , anything fair

Why we want ways

that;s not  there

Is it wrong, to be aware

Of the reason for a tear

Whenever it appears

I   wish for you dear

That in your life happiness is near

All problems solved, nothing to fear

Why, When, who to gear?

Got control only here

Yes my mind is wild but clear

I take no chances ,drink  no beer

Wonder, why , Woeful tears

Come my way, when I read King Lear 😉

7 thoughts on “WWW

  1. blind, casting about in the dark, left to his fate, the king departs taking as his cloak the dark night as he tunnels his way towards the light

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