Do Good to others and Be Good to yourself :))

Appreciation and credit, two expectations pulls all energy on pointing or zooming focus on what will people think or say. Good..or bad. What is more important ? Values or popular culture. 

Any one who actually is focused on being good for others ‘s appreciation or recognition, gets upset if no one appreciates.But..goodness is no longer good if it  is done for showing off.

Being good is easier, but yes  getting other’s to like you for your good deeds, that perhaps is a bit difficult. People tend to like tangy flavor to sweet, anything spicy gets their attention but a simple situation is not interesting enough for developing a gossip.

We do live in a society and it is also important to encourage others in doing something positive for the society, but judging these actions and awarding them with praises, again leads to mischievous actions by those who are jealous.

Then to do something good, you start manipulating and doing other bad things, that is not really going with the goodness. It is like, you are preparing a lemonade with dirty water, maybe it is a lemonade but the dirt surfaces, making it dirty lemonade that must be thrown away as dirt.

Be good for yourself  and do good to others .



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