Why so :)

Upset, angry or irritated? Emotions that are driving you crazy because you wanted to be slim , smart and rich. You controlled yourself, but although you look fabulous and you are rich too, but others don’t really get attracted to you.

What is wrong with people? They don’t appreciate beauty and wealth, power is the underlying advantage with both aspects. They are always after the not so sexy and average girl, she eats ice cream and never can she use any of the expensive creams, I use daily.

What makes her so attractive!! fumes were about to erupt the situation. A hand touched her shoulder, it was her ex-boy friend. I know what you are thinking, he smiled and said, ” That girl is ordinary but makes others feel special, she is not rich but enriches the atmosphere, she doesn’t have beautiful or flawless skin but is sensitive to others touch and feel.”

You do everything for yourself to get admired by  others and she does everything for others and gets admired for herself.

Love, yourself and you are a pauper and love others you are the King :))


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