Do you often say, before you think

And forget totally, what you did ink 🙂

Collect all happiness then add a link

Ideas are fountain, must dip and take a drink

When life is awesome, it does get passed in a wink;)

Are you with me trying to bring

A laughter, a thought refreshing enough to sing

Yes..that one. Always think before you ink

Keep it sweet, pleasant like a fresh water falling over a brink

Never let hopes disappear or sink

Words when dirty, they do stink !

Love and respect is what good speech brings.


10 thoughts on “Speech

      1. because, my avaatar doesn’t appear at certain community listings, like at Seenorway..so I read the way, WordPress keeps spam or mature bloggers out of public view..and I wanted to know if anything in terms of appearance shows, that because I got a letter stating that “my diary” blog is marked as mature. I am thinking, does it effect my other blogs.

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