Think and it happens.

How convenient it would be , if we we were able to visit places and return without any visa. Just energize and get transported, from east to west. Stay at home and attend college abroad. When time would change, it wouldn’t matter to our local time. It keeps same, and we return from past to present, and future . Time and space, in control and not controlling us. Next, comes people what if each one can become as the other wants them to be, yet remain as they are in real.

Have, we ever thought, why the world got so many types of people, skin, hair, height etc.How can we get mixed, andform new typologies. 

I want to imagine and live, so all I need is a mental stimuli and it happens, as I when everyoneis thinking, the world is changing for each one of us yet not efecting others. We, got clones that never meet.

And…animal Kingdom..yes..we can also do some cross breed and develop new species as we did with cars etc..yes I am talking about hybrid.

It is a wishful thinking, where everything can and does happen with each person’s choice , yet doesn’t effect anyone.

It is not heaven 🙂 we are not dead… yes we are in a dream 🙂


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