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ASK : Always Seek Knowledge

So, do you sometimes ask yourself ūüôā

If, you think or say that other’s way are bad or improper, does it make you good and correct.

if you argue, ” what is” is actually not. does it make it not.

If you have not seen or know about a specific discovery or norm, does it cease to exist.

If you got limitations in your attitude and use of knowledge, does it retard other’s progress and prosperity.

If, you ask each day , each time you challege others on a concept an idea, a philosophy yourself too a question equally targetted, to understand your own capacity on that subject, it will make your questions more relevant and achieved.

You are..and your very existance does matter, so how would you make it worth while you are still here to ask and answer, life’s questions for you.


Think and it happens.

How convenient it would be , if we we were able to visit places and return without any visa. Just energize and get transported, from east to west. Stay at home and attend college abroad. When time would change, it wouldn’t matter to our local time. It keeps same, and we return from past to present, and future . Time and space, in control and not controlling us. Next, comes people what if each one can become as the other wants them to be, yet remain as they are in real.

Have, we ever thought, why the world got so many types of people, skin, hair, height etc.How can we get mixed, andform new typologies. 

I want to imagine and live, so all I need is a mental stimuli and it happens, as I when everyoneis thinking, the world is changing for each one of us yet not efecting others. We, got clones that never meet.

And…animal Kingdom..yes..we can also do some cross breed and develop new species as we did with cars etc..yes I am talking about hybrid.

It is a wishful thinking, where everything can and does happen with each person’s choice , yet doesn’t effect anyone.

It is not heaven ūüôā we are not dead… yes we are in a dream ūüôā

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Do you often say, before you think

And forget totally, what you did ink ūüôā

Collect all happiness then add a link

Ideas are fountain, must dip and take a drink

When life is awesome, it does get passed in a wink;)

Are you with me trying to bring

A laughter, a thought refreshing enough to sing

Yes..that one. Always think before you ink

Keep it sweet, pleasant like a fresh water falling over a brink

Never let hopes disappear or sink

Words when dirty, they do stink !

Love and respect is what good speech brings.


Why so :)

Upset, angry or irritated? Emotions that are driving you crazy because you wanted to be slim , smart and rich. You controlled yourself, but although you look fabulous and you are rich too, but others don’t really get attracted to you.

What is wrong with people? They don’t appreciate beauty and wealth, power is the underlying advantage with both aspects. They are always after the not so sexy and average girl, she eats ice cream and never can she use any of the expensive creams, I use daily.

What makes her so attractive!! fumes were about to erupt the situation. A hand touched her shoulder, it was her ex-boy friend. I know what you are thinking, he smiled and said, ” That girl is ordinary but makes others feel special, she is not rich but enriches the atmosphere, she doesn’t have beautiful or flawless skin but is sensitive to others touch and feel.”

You do everything for yourself to get admired by  others and she does everything for others and gets admired for herself.

Love, yourself and you are a pauper and love others you are the King :))

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What to do and Not to do :))

Morning ! Time to wake up and stretch !! Take a warm bath if its winter and a cool shower when summer. Now , fresh look at yourself in the mirror..come on  smile :))

Thinking what to do and not to do leads to, first is , “you ” prioritize¬†people, the list definitely has you as the topper.

Who are the friends, colleagues, family members  that directly   nourishes you . when you are with them, you are relaxed and smiling. Give them more time in your life. However, those who you meet as obligation, they deplete you and cause fatigues that is a result of depression. Cut, their time in your daily/ weekly/monthly /annual encounter.

Now let us take a review on, what did you buy? If too many stuff is never getting used, it is better to donate or sell those, rather than keeping it and jamming shelves and life with extra burdens. There, feels lighter and cleaner.

Next, the work. If you are given assignments, always do those on priority. Better to take up easier assignments first ¬†and delegating lesser time. Finishing those, gives you a boost and¬†confidence¬† that helps in addressing projects that are complicated and tiresome.If, your boss doesn’t appreciate, then share your¬†triumph¬†with the ones, who know it mattered to you.

Fashions and trends, are always demanding but never op,t for those to make people’s perception about you get elevated . You should decide what actually is comfortable for you, financially, socially and ¬†timely.

Single? Then be happy and chirpy, but don’t keep on hunting and fishing too long. remember , too much time lost on hunting would leave too little for eating your hunt. So, if you don’t find your¬†soul mate¬† don’t linger on with hopes for a better tommorow. People are never gonna change, and if that is what you want , then they are not the ones you want :))

Keep extra curricular activities as extra, these should not eat up your valuable time for real connections and work.

Borrow less and lend wisely, both has stress and tension. When you have to repay or also when you wait for repayment.

Stand up..Now think how many roles do you play? a parent,  spouse, worker, player..then see how much is your capacity to cope up with each. You are not super human.For each role you need energy , to give and take, sending positive vibes and getting rid of bad/sad feelings.

Any incident or accident that happens. Limit the pain to the actual time and till you recovered. Do not drag that episode by repeating the ordeal again and again  It revives the pain and the trauma too. Think, that it has already passed..let it yourself..let it go..

Life is all about living with love and hope, with people and work.Be useful and positive. It helps you and would certainly help those who come in contact with you :))

Have a lovely day! Get dressed and go go go :))


Do Good to others and Be Good to yourself :))

Appreciation and credit, two expectations pulls all energy on pointing or zooming focus on what will people think or say. Good..or bad. What is more important ? Values or popular culture. 

Any one who actually is¬†focused¬†on being good for others ‘s appreciation or¬†recognition, gets upset if no one¬†appreciates.But..goodness is no longer good if it ¬†is done for showing off.

Being good is easier, but yes ¬†getting other’s to like you for your good deeds, that perhaps is a bit difficult. People tend to like tangy flavor to sweet, anything spicy gets their¬†attention¬†but a simple situation is not interesting enough for developing a gossip.

We do live in a society and it is also important to encourage others in doing something positive for the society, but judging these actions and awarding them with praises, again leads to mischievous actions by those who are jealous.

Then to do something good, you start manipulating and doing other bad things, that is not really going with the goodness. It is like, you are preparing a lemonade with dirty water, maybe it is a lemonade but the dirt surfaces, making it dirty lemonade that must be thrown away as dirt.

Be good for yourself  and do good to others .




Why?  who ?  what ? and where ?

Went my life, here and there

He got a wife, yet he swears

I am so lonely, nobody there

Woes and worries

thoughts and scares

No one wishes , anything fair

Why we want ways

that;s not  there

Is it wrong, to be aware

Of the reason for a tear

Whenever it appears

I   wish for you dear

That in your life happiness is near

All problems solved, nothing to fear

Why, When, who to gear?

Got control only here

Yes my mind is wild but clear

I take no chances ,drink  no beer

Wonder, why , Woeful tears

Come my way, when I read King Lear ūüėČ

Development Nature

Dangerous Transition

There are four stages for mind to change its thinking or attitude towards living a life on earth.

First Stage : I am sure about my insight for good and evil. I choose good  and leave evil.

I am straight forward, honest and have nothing to hide nor fear.

I am an angel ūüôā

Second Stage : I know what is good and evil, still for a reason or cause I opt to indulge in evil ways.

I am trying underhand dealings, manipulating ways and I got some secrets hidden away.

I am human ūüėČ

Third Stage : I understand the values of good but then, evil ways are much easier and faster.

I got a darker side to my life, my close associates know about it, but I have convinced them

how it works. They will keep my secret too.

I am a partner with Satan. ūüôā

Fourth Stage : I find goodness to be an idea, a theory only.

I have experienced and sharpen my skills in mastering the evil ways and I promote only evil.

I am the Satan ūüė¶


I ask why ?

Exists..but why?

Do you laugh or cry?

Do you ever smile, when I say “hi”

Or you frown, and look at the sky

Do you want egg boiled or fry ūüėČ

Do you exists to only die?

Do you speak, and lie

Why do you exist ? Tell me why?

To get answers, do you ever try?

Or you exist, but don’t know why.

If, you can not answer, climb up high

Look down, does it make you fly?

Nope,  only elevated but no wings sire

Why you climbed up high?

When you don’t know where to find answers for why?

because I asked you ?

That’s why!!

Oh ..then you exists in a choir

for you lost your voice and desires

You can not exists..without  inner fire