The golden rule

Long time back, there was a farm land owned by few families. Each year they had bumper crop, slowly they became rich and richer. They also became proud of their work and harvest, slowly they turned into rude and mean people.

These farmers would boast of their annual prodcution and tell the entire village of how hard they worked and they always were able to get their crop, that made high profits. Amongst themselves, they decided to avoid their poor neighbours and distant relatives, who may come on the day they went to get their harvest. 

In their heart and mind , the weeds of selfishness and self praise has made them blind to the fact, that in their richness there is always a share for those who have lesser than them.

That morning when they went laughing at other’s inefficiency and low capacity, a strong wind passed..burning their ear lobes and once it went over their fram land, it razed everything to waste land. 

Once they reached their spot, they thought they had lost their way, and started asking each other if they have to walk further or take a different turning. But, no it was their very own farm land, but a strong wind has taken away thier fortune in a few minutes, leaving them a barren waste land. 

Feeling lost, they had tears in their eyes one of them then said,” perhaps, we needed to learn this important lessson, that result can be targetted and achieved, but bad intentions and back biting can actually harm , our work input.”

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