Searching for Soul Mate

Seatumblr_me9zzjpLzw1qg88gpo1_500rching for the love of life

Hoping for a perfect wife

Young at heart and ready to strife

My dear friend, “drewthepoet” writes

I am longing for you everynight

When you walk in, it brings daylight

I promise to love you and never fight

I am surely, your Mr. Right 😉

I want to be with you all my life

Come to me, my sweet loving wife.

12 thoughts on “Searching for Soul Mate

  1. Hi Kalabalu. I must admit I don’t think I ever found love just lust! Thank you for recommending me for a blog award and liking my poem ‘ Lethal Arrest’. Best Wishes, The Foureyed Poet.

  2. I am pleased you liked my post. ( He who……) Warm wishes.jalal

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