Most -Influential-blogs-of-2012

I am really happy to get nominated for, ” Most influential blogs of 2012″ is has been presented to me by Ronnie, I thank you for including me 🙂)) wowwwwwww 2012 was my first year with wordpress, as my first year I really liked many bloggers, one of them is ronnie. Now, I would […]

Listen and Understand, Feel and Realize.

Words, together like a bead they form a language. Natives when they get into a conversation, each can feel the words said, as we know translations of any literature fails to contain the same richness as the original text. Different nationals when using a common langauge, leave their own and enter a secondary languge, to […]

A Very Inspiring Blogger Award

A BIG THANK YOU for nominating me for this awesome award. Thank you The rules  for this award are as follows :))) 1. Display the award log on your blog. 2. Link back tothe person who nominated you 3. State Seven things about yourself. 4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this Award and […]

Daily Post ; New Message (Challenge?)

It’s 2AM and your phone has just buzzed you awake, filling the room in white-blue LED light. You have a message. It’s a photo. No words, no explanation. Just a photo. Tell us all about it. And what happens next.  Its a picture taken from “The Brothers Grimm” a story book. I know what it […]