Life Nature Poetry

Smile for me

When you look at my tired eyes

and see no hope, no love , no life

Can you make me smile

If I told you how pretty I looked

how well I danced tonight

when the lights went off

and sound turned off

I just had a shadow to know the flow

of a melodious tune,

hummed in my thoughts

Can you smile for me ?

If I told you , I don’t care

I am arrogant and I dare

I am lonely but I can fare

Can you feel ?

And understand  whats wrong with me

Will you smile with me?

Smile..for me, with me and make me smile

knowing..there wasn’t much to smile for you

except..for me.

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

5 replies on “Smile for me”

Absolutely superb flow of thoughts and Rhythm .Can you smile.?…Thank you for liking my post dear Kalabalu,wishing you the best.Its pleasure to follow your blog.jalal


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