Daily Post- Presentation for Children

Learn to Think 🙂

Today, for the first time I am attempting to write for Daily Post at WordPress, my audience are the children.


Children..with your  honest and fresh mind..before you start to formulate opinions. I want to tell you one basic idea.

In this ever changing information world, everyone contributes to betterment who want to positively be part of the future.

Children are the future and that makes them important. When you learn anything new , it starts with name and properties. Most of the time we have products and services, we use and we pay. But, living is not about surviving, so what ever we learn we must also learn how to use, where to use, what to use..and this decision to choose comes from within our minds.

Suppose its your weekend, and your brother wants a help in his assigment. You can help him, by teaching, showing him where to get information, telling him what he needs to do to complete his assigment etc. This method of explaining a process has come to you through experience, but when it is the first time you attempt to do anything, you need to learn to think..

How to think? You think..by projecting your goals or aim. To get something you do some things..and that actually makes you think..what can make it happen..and a basic guideline is..your process should avoid any cheating and wrong doings..what guides you to know..what is right and wrong ?

Anything that you say in public..i.e. inf ront of others and doesn’t get criticized negatively is usually right .Ofcourse, that brings us to learn cultural values and rules of a game ..So..to think we must acquire knowledge and  once we have learned facts..we relate to experiences and information from our own religion or society..and decide what is right and what is wrong..so always think..before you link any facts to any action or any nation..never just follow blindly a thought..always step back and think..is it right or wrong.is it true or is it false .and check it out from written material /pictures and also with parents or teachers..

Be positive and think positively.


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