Very Inspiring Blogger Award-5
Very Inspiring Blogger Award-5

Thank you  Shaun, for nominating me along with other fourteen bloggers,  the Very Inpiring Blogger Award ,

I am happy to have recieved this award, for it encourages me to read and write more.


The rules of this Award are :

  1. Thank and Link back to the blogger who has nominated you.
  2. Post the Award logo to your blog.
  3. Nominate and link 15  other inspiring bloggers.
  4. Notify them and tell 7 things about yourself.

I follow many bloggers, for they are all very informative, creative and inspiring. However, I must limit my nominations for 15 bloggers .

My  Nominations are for the following :))))

  2. http://thepinterestlady.wordpress
  3. ( The eternal Solitde of the restless mind)
  6. (Eagle Tech

I congratulate all the 10 Bloggers for their nominations. There were 15 nominations, but five informed that they would not accept.

7-things about myself

  1. I am a virtual self
  2. I like being anonymous, for that makes me so brave to express opinions/reviews.
  3. I like positive thinking so I always want to find solutions.
  4. I like to read, write and look at pictures.
  5. I like mostly everything and everyone, making it impossible to choose anyone 😉
  6. I am sure that life  is about living for others.
  7. I want to smile and I usually do that in front of mirror 😉

5 responses to “Very-Inspiring-Blogger-Award-5”

  1. Congrats, good for you. 🙂 I really like number 6. I like doing 4 too.


  2. I have nominated your blog as one of the Most Influential Blogs of 2012



    1. wow !! thank you :))


  3. Hi Kalabalu. Thank you for liking my poem ‘ Formula One’. Best Wishes. The Foureyed Poet.


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