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daily post : impossibility

Let me think what falls under impossibility…

It is impossible to reverse sequence of the night to come before day.

It is impossible to ensure our actions, although we are sure of our intentions.

It is impossible, to bring dead to life.

It is impossible, to know where we get buried, although we may buy our graves in advance.

It is impossible to make a list of unknown, for the moment we write , it means we know 😉

It is impossible to know where we came from, before arriving on this earth.

It is impossible to capture fragrance .

Possibility is within our capacity and impossibility is what is beyond our range, physically and with thoughts.


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Daily Post- Presentation for Children

Learn to Think 🙂

Today, for the first time I am attempting to write for Daily Post at WordPress, my audience are the children.


Children..with your  honest and fresh mind..before you start to formulate opinions. I want to tell you one basic idea.

In this ever changing information world, everyone contributes to betterment who want to positively be part of the future.

Children are the future and that makes them important. When you learn anything new , it starts with name and properties. Most of the time we have products and services, we use and we pay. But, living is not about surviving, so what ever we learn we must also learn how to use, where to use, what to use..and this decision to choose comes from within our minds.

Suppose its your weekend, and your brother wants a help in his assigment. You can help him, by teaching, showing him where to get information, telling him what he needs to do to complete his assigment etc. This method of explaining a process has come to you through experience, but when it is the first time you attempt to do anything, you need to learn to think..

How to think? You projecting your goals or aim. To get something you do some things..and that actually makes you think..what can make it happen..and a basic guideline is..your process should avoid any cheating and wrong doings..what guides you to know..what is right and wrong ?

Anything that you say in public..i.e. inf ront of others and doesn’t get criticized negatively is usually right .Ofcourse, that brings us to learn cultural values and rules of a game think we must acquire knowledge and  once we have learned facts..we relate to experiences and information from our own religion or society..and decide what is right and what is always think..before you link any facts to any action or any nation..never just follow blindly a thought..always step back and it right or it true or is it false .and check it out from written material /pictures and also with parents or teachers..

Be positive and think positively.


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green, blue or pink :)

Green is a color for leaves I think

Flowers are red, orange, blue and pink

when you want to write, first please think

Is it everlasting, or is like a wink

The aims and goals are governed by rule

If you want to flow, and not get stuck like a glue

Free your mind first, then pick words with juice

Readers are thirsty for a nice fresh news

so make it ever green, not everyday refuse

boring and repetitive, does blow up fuse

readers are selective, as writers you choose

words that entertain and not redicule

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Smile for me

When you look at my tired eyes

and see no hope, no love , no life

Can you make me smile

If I told you how pretty I looked

how well I danced tonight

when the lights went off

and sound turned off

I just had a shadow to know the flow

of a melodious tune,

hummed in my thoughts

Can you smile for me ?

If I told you , I don’t care

I am arrogant and I dare

I am lonely but I can fare

Can you feel ?

And understand  whats wrong with me

Will you smile with me?

Smile..for me, with me and make me smile

knowing..there wasn’t much to smile for you

except..for me.

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Vincent Tomczyk- paper art (DS Mag)

87-649x644 125-649x645 313-649x643 413-649x509 512 613-649x655 710

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Shadow a part of me

Shadows you play with me

On dark side, intangible and silent

Never touched nor felt

Moving away, coming under

Sometimes I chase you

Others you follow me

When I stand up, you lay down

I can not read your expressions

are you smiling

or do you frown

Changing in length,

Deforming in shape

Using a surface you mange to stay

when light disappears

you cease to exists

You are part of me

Look like me

But never can I want to be..a shadow indeed


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Shadows-PoL U’beda Herva’s (DS mag)

1 (2) 212 311 412 511 612



I am searching reasons to be
I am a human can you see?
Love and respect is also my need
I live for you
will you live for me
I make you laugh
Can you cry with me
Feel and understand me
Accept me
I am a woman
but am human indeed


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Woman..Is she a beautiful song

Will keep you strong

nothing goes wrong

when she is around


Woman is a treaure

to be found

engulfing you around

like a light

a fragrance

a smile for sure


Woman she loves you more

never turns you sore

never is a bore

you find her interesting

she does last long

in your heart

in your mind

as a soul you find

inside you

with you

young or old

woman is seldom cold

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The Liebster Award
The Liebster Award

I am really happy to get nominated for the-liebster-blog-award/2013/03/02 by rhubblog Thankyou soooooo much !!

The rules

1. Add the award logo to your blog.

2. Answer the following questions.

3. Pass the award to 11 other blogs and let them know.

The 11 Questions :))

Ques-1 What makes you happiest.

My Answer 🙂 Success

Ques-2 Do you love the Ocean or the Mountain more?

My anwer :)) I love both, so no I can not love either more.

Ques-3/ What has been your favourite momentof 2012?

My answer 🙂 When I got  nominated for awardat wordpress..I loved it.

Ques-4/ What is your favourite quote and why?

My answer 🙂 It is nice to be important but its more important to be nice. Because, it is really important to be nice 😉

Ques-5/ Do you like yourself?

My answer:) No. I never liked my self nor do, I just love myself with all the faults..

Ques-6/ Do you stay up till the stroke of midnight on the New Years’ Eve?

My answer. Some years I did..

Ques-7/ Something you wish to get done ASAP?

My answer:) I want to get admission in Master of Architecture at MIT.

Ques-8/ What was your favourite class , while still at school?

My answer:) Music.

Ques-9/ What musical instrument have you tired and learn to play?

My answer 🙂 guitar and dhool

Ques-10/ Anything you wish you had learned earlier?

My answer 🙂 Driving a car.

Ques-11/ Do you like to do craft or draw or paint?

My answer:) Yes..Yes..Yes.. all three

My nominations for liebster-blog-award are as follows :)))


2. Eric Alagan- written words never die.wordpress

3. Krek 3505- the




7.jean paul Elena