Blurred Picture


Look at this picture isn’t it blurred .The reason I let the sharp edge disappear with colors of leaves forming an image, not really  clear. That is an outline, a flimsy image of a plant that is most ordinary.

I chose to upload, it makes me feel that different cultures looks at same things, but each got a totally different perspective. The white skin with  blue eyes can see just as well as dark brown eyes, but perception is different. Got same brains that works differently, some topics maybe light for one and same as serious. While both are correct, yet opposite in their views.

That means each nation must be able to concieve an idea as per their own back ground.

Shake hands we must , bring in pure thoughts and honest smiles. Doesn’t cost much, just a little bit of effort.

I am listening, as you speak; few words are clear, they sink in deep..others are confused, meanings I seek..I want to know why you speak..same language at low pitch and high speed.

I never heard nor will I ever your voice again,but I know somewhere you are understood and admired, paid even for your speech. I close my eyes and listen to your voice, then I forget to listen , as my mind now only hears your voice and not the message. 

I do that often, when I must perform two actions, I do it one by one. First to get familiar with the tone and second to understand the meaning of the words. Finally, to close the audio and replay, in my mind..few words ..little meaning and its when I smile..I think I have now fully realized..that its beyond my comprehension..and I give my self a let it go..why make a mission impossible to understand a foreign language and western culture that I can never know..or remember..for culture is our habits, our inherited muses, our soul..we can not change it nor want to ..anymore

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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