So many people got so many questions. But, not everyone wants an answer..

then a serious of questions are asked..yes..regarding why ask a question if you already got an answer. make conversation.

Second get other options

Third reconfirm challenge minds into thinking…

Some questions are for information…those are genuine questions..

Some are to make you a bit crazy 😉 those are teasers..

But..whenever we get awards..few got 11 questions !! isn’t that too many ..

However, I feel , if at wordpress we had an option for questions in categories open to answers by would be interesting.


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Good Morning :))

Good Morning :))

Coffee please..
hot and sweet
sugar and cream
like a dream




The word gift, instantly makes anyone smile. What does it mean ? That you were thought and then something was bought and brought for you, wrapped or exposed. Should it be expensive or just valuable. How to buy a gift ? Will it reflect the amount of money spend or the effort taken to consider your likes and dislikes, your preference or the one who presents it to you. Some personal items are bought keeping in mind the user size, but its what the buyer wants you to be seen using it. So, it a way of communicating, a poem is also a gift and so is a flower that blossoms once but its freshness stays longer . 

Gift is sometimes a surprise other time expected , when an occasion comes and we want to celebrate. A gift marks it, a ring or a jewel or just a letter/word ,folded and given within the clasp of a a gift of love.


Get a job ..then keep it too :)

How to work and keep on going ahead :))

People do jobs from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. They must complete their work and reach targets. But are  they alone or do they work in a group. In a group means to work with different minds and experiences. Sometimes, those co-workers are people you hate or they hate you !!! Then what to do ? 

Leave the job ? away has no gaurantee that other wouldn’t hate you or you them. So..keep your cool and try tofind out ways..

Speak always directly and rationally. You can not afford more misunderstandings.

LImit your interaction to work and subject. Never wander away to personal issues .

Observe others ways and methodologies. it may happen they work differently from you. Try to boost them not suppress them;it is work not war.

Keep looking ahead, don’t think that the job is the end. It is a way to go further in your career, while here learn some thing useful.

Check your conversation style and work procedures. How can you be more polite and clear in thinking and speaking.

Kill them..with kindness. Never be rude nor back bite. It is never rewarded 😉 Rise aboveself and don’t fall under the shoes.

Maintain records for every work submission or initiation. it helps to check yourself and others too. Incase,they accuse you 😉

Report to authority :

If your work is negatively erased or tempered. Report immidiately, its not your work it is actually work done by you for the organization. So , anyone hijacking or disturbing your potential to work is actually harming the organization.

Get a job but keep it too :))

you will learn how much its true 

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Gijon Miller _ captures Pablo Picasso -1949 France. (DS mag)




























































Laughter Life Picture

Staying Happy


To smile even if there is no reason..means you have every reason to smile.
Life got ups and down, when tragedy strikes it makes us sad and we must cry..feel pain and remain silent or wail.Then a timer inside our mind must make us get away from past and move on to future. Each day if not tragic, then no reason to make it sound boring and uneventful.
Why is it so important to feel happy and to smile . It makes you more energetic and lets you focus on other issues rather than be just looking at yourself. Happy people are no different from those who remain dull or sad, except for their attitude. They have decided to live in the moment. To grasp life as they live it.
They are realistic, in identifying what are their limits and boundaries. It does not put a barrier to their vision, it makes them explore potentials in the known for avenues not known before.
Usually, they will maintain cleanliness but would not freak out. They balance the issue with magnitude. Feeling a certain ecstasy is definitely a treat but cumulative enjoyment leads to contentment and peace.
Happy people are not perfectionist, for they understand that mistakes are inevitable and everyone can make it, just as they can others too..they don’t yell or scream 🙂
Lastly, they expect less and deliver they remain thankful for the returns they get and if some don’t return kindness with respect and gratitude,they let it go.

Happy people are like honey, bees come to collect sweetness and smiles from them, so they are seldom lonely. They give hope, courage and reason to work harder, think deeper and love freely.
Be happy..Stay happy :))

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Water Dress

what a cool idea By Iris  van Herpen to splash water and picture it as a dress…and what if we could freeze that form 😉 is gonna be transparent !!!

art Picture

Colors so striking by Yulia Brodskaya