daily prompt -fight or flight

Now..that is more of a decision.

I have one basic principle, if you can not win never fight :)having said that, I always have an inner  urge to speak up..and let me tell you..I never can control that urge. Then..yes the other side has to fight back..but did I start  it? 

Guilty :)))) well..I am learning to improve  on my self control..but I do get into a fight..so what do I do ? I remain subjective..you may accuse me  but I am going to stick to the topic..sort  of detach from the issue. Family matters are different, where relaionship does  involve you as in person..that time I make one favourite statement,” even if I disagree with you and am against this issue..but I love you and that never will change” So, its like a combination of fight with flight.

I fight the issue but not the person, for I can hate the sin but not the sinner…


Roses are always awesome :)


Why are roses so popular..something so acceptable. Red, pink, black or blue

when its a rose, that I give to you..a smile flashes  on your lips a gift of fragrance, 

a soft kiss to your heart, you can not miss. 

Other flowers are beautiful too, has lovely  fragrance and colors too, but you seldom find it easy to carry away, tucked in your hair, or the coat’s pin..roses are easy to settle in..when the petals are floatin in scented water, you just stare at it and feel forever..that softness only a rose petal brings..sparrows are cute but nightgale sings..I think  if Lion is JUngle’s King then a rose is the Garden’s Crown..and it certainly can adorn..the graves, or as garlands to welcome thee..roses are roses always for me

The Retarders

The retarders in your  life

got a tongue sharp as knife

plans meticulously to decieve

your intentions they can perceive

you must fail,so they can win

they love to see, when you sink

they have bodies but no soul

have rich looks , shines like gold

deep inside, just freezing cold

they pull or  make you trip

in life’s journey ,want you to slip

they feel amused

to see you confused

beware of retarders who appear as friends

when you trust them, that is your definite end