Lone Soldier

If you are a soldier fighting for right..then in life you will be fighting all alone..Not with harsh words nor with temper can you survive..You must learn to fight with wisdom and humor as hidden and unknown ..the deadly weapons ..you had grown  inside yourself..did you take a step back when you heard a thrash..did you stop yourself from blurting out with anger  mixed with fear..did you hide your tears ..and that tremble in your voice..were you able to conceal..when you looked away to muster that hidden weapon and attack with just and honest approach..getting away from your ego and confining yourself to the subject..were you able to be a mixture of dual personality..the one that wept and other that smiled..though lonely yet you are never afraid of the being alone..something inside you burn  and keep you calm..in hunger and pain..what makes you a warrior and never get you insane..is it your heart or brains ..perhaps your soul that is trapped or contained in your body..but will keep you alive not just physically but as a human being..who appreciates humanity and practise it too..with words, with actions and thoughts that are new..for survival  is the key to life..and fitness is a must..each day a test to pass and inspire..for those who dare to lead ..themselves ..control their inner wants and be someone they can respect..yes..indeed..we can not lie to ourself…if we do and believe that a lie is the truth..then we have killed ourself..and now under the burden of a dead body..we lament and cry with dry eyes..a fake smile and deception to the level of insanity..


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