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Goals for blogging..Image

as this picture goal is similar ..yes it was just one goal but had different  lights, effects, angles, colors..which led to mood swings, laughter, tears and a mixed feeling when I got my emotions..but it was my goal..which  is  to be escape inner self to an audience , who sees me behind the words, who listens to my  poetry and feels agony, pain, humour in my comments..I react honestly on the post I read , pictures I see and people I meet…its a way to know so many human beings, coming from various back grounds but all got one commonality, they are bloggers..and I am trying to be one of them..although I am a bit a way..that I keep ” blogging” as a media and not the goal times I want to excel in uploading and managing a widget too..but somehow , I get a mood swing and go off to another’s post and enjoy reading that..there are times..when I re-read and write those  words that I feel inside , as if..awakening my soul..people got power and energy lets say…I am blogging ..for keeping myself surrounded by views, opinions, jokes and has all aspects and bloggers I will always respect..

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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