Laughter Poetry

Do I know you ;)

Friends like me are of no use

I forget you on a daily basis

I expect you to accept this status

And when nobody gets my call, but you

I suddenly decide to be with youtumblr_maahyhYmx01r3e62yo1_500








you ..the cool dude..

I feel so sure around you

It is true that I hardly remember you

and you faintly know me

I am the faded friend in memory

but I have you to depend on again

I know ..that I am a pain

will vanish again

when others come my way

if they plan to stay

I will go offline when you get online

and remain in touch with them

next..time I get so irritating and bad

just don’t answer my pleads to be

your need

of a heart that understand me

is but you I really know you ?

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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