daily prompt -fight or flight

Now..that is more of a decision.

I have one basic principle, if you can not win never fight :)having said that, I always have an inner  urge to speak up..and let me tell you..I never can control that urge. Then..yes the other side has to fight back..but did I start  it? 

Guilty :)))) well..I am learning to improve  on my self control..but I do get into a what do I do ? I remain may accuse me  but I am going to stick to the topic..sort  of detach from the issue. Family matters are different, where relaionship does  involve you as in person..that time I make one favourite statement,” even if I disagree with you and am against this issue..but I love you and that never will change” So, its like a combination of fight with flight.

I fight the issue but not the person, for I can hate the sin but not the sinner…


By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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