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Laughter Life Picture Poetry



its not only about finding
Its about keeping as well
Its not just clicking
but loving too
Its not merely a word or two
entire philosophy is meant in “me too”
friends are flowers we never pluck
we take the entire pond to keep the duck  😉

friends are bad  poets

but mean well :))

Laughter Life Picture Poetry

SMile again


Grumble grumble
oh! all the complains
Nothing is working
Complicated and plain
Money is an issue 😉
All efforts to recover in vain
If not physical, then mental pain
Who is this bugger ?
Who drives me insane
with daily pressure
I can hardly smile again
Am I grumbling ?
Did I just complain ?
Sure its catching it effects brain
Beware ! It may hit you like a bullet train


The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award & Nominees.-Post 1

ImageThe award about team member readership. 

I am thankful to : the- wonderful-team-member-readership-award-nominees  for nominating me.

To accept this award there are few rules I will need to follow.

1. The Nominee of this wonderful Team Member Readership Award shall display the logo on his/her blog.

2. The Nominee shall nominate 14 Readers, they appreciate over a period of 7 days, all at once  or little by little.

3. The Nominee shall name his/her Wonderful Team Member Readership Award Nominees as a post or can post during 7 days.

I am following many bloggers, all are covering life in their own way.Some write articles, few write poetry, others got images /pictures , funny episodes , name it and they have it in the right proportion. Balanced.composed and entertaining. 

In my short span of being a blogger, I had  the opportunity to receive  nominations and to select  those I admire..but one thing is important..those I nominated not always want to accept the award..and this award has generously given me 7 days..

So..I would like some team work here..since you all know that I can nominate only 14..

my nominations are as follows :

  1. Jonathan Caswell
  2. Neeraj
  3. dcardiff
  4. Tienny
  5. fosterthepodcast
  6. tina5458
  7. prayingforneday
  8. davidkanigan
  9. sethsnap
  10. ericmvogt
  11. tocksin
  12. the culture monk
  13. hastywords

I would try and notify all those I have nominated 🙂


Incase, anyone feels that they don’t like to accept the nomination, please inform 🙂 I will oblige within 7 days..after which..its over.

thanks for accepting in advance 🙂




renew it ?

My life ways..and then its no way. Some  people develop suicidal tendencies and they write about their desire to kill themselves. I read, such an article/ rather an open letter..and in the comment I wrote,” Since you decided to end your life, because  of any or many reasons..that I will not argue nor stop you. All, I want to inform you is, from this moment ..YOU ARE DEAD.. Happy ? So, renew your license to live and  start to live for others.

Stop looking at yourself, its only in the mirror that you can see..that too is a reflection not the real you. So, the real always seen by others. Those to whom you matter ..or  even if you don’t ..forget about that self pity..and hunger for satisfaction..Maybe it doesn’t exists..or if it does..its not inside you..its borrowed. 

I am talking about your happiness and contentment , with a successful life. The only life that has been a success that has helped  or improved  living conditions in the world. Once, you  decide that your wish list has other’s wishes as your own..disappointments would disappear. 

Any ideas for suicide ..well who has time for that ?


Laughing at or laughing with

Humor, the best ingredient for a good company. We, all want to smile and if possible laugh all loud, roll too. But, at what cost ? That makes a check, are we  planning to ridicule anyone and make that person an object of humiliation ? Or, we can say something funny that although, it involves a person but he  is laughing more loudly than anyone else. 

Ah! a difference, we are having fun together versus we are making fun of you 😉 Difficult ? Not really, it is difficult to make friends with people who are rude and ruthless, doesn’t care  if it breaks your heart  but would abuse you or your character , in an insulting manner and their group would  laugh at you 😦 this makes the company sad/depressing, oppressive..yes..the bullies..those who are mean and never come out clean..So..who wants to risk themselves with those who humiliate..none..unless you are boneless..

On the other hand, those who can joke with you without any personal attacks or insulting words or behavior are the people you search in a party/ crowd. They instantly bring a smile on your face, naturally no effort..The moment they appear , you get a smile by a wink they have directed towards you. They include you in their humor, in a sophisticated and sweet manner. 

The choice of words, the topic and the manner  in which they speak, makes you laugh with tears that is due to instant joy.

Satire and humor,  often seems easy but is mastered by people who have developed sensitivity to mood, occasion and word play. It is partly natural, but mostly intentional, they have inbuilt sweetness and intelligence.

The bees come to flowers for nectar , it’s the sweetness which makes them buzz around and the fly comes to garbage, its the pungent  smell that makes a crowd.

Decide, what you want to offer to those who come across you..sweetness or foul smell 😉 foul language smells real bad ..doesn’t  it ?

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Life is about living it :)

Life  it starts with the family and needs a family to make it healthy and sound. We, got so many roles to play and for that we need partners, for each relationship that  has love, respect and trust. So some we are born with others we need to make. 

The second social  need is, to have friends. Good friends circle, gives you moments that you enjoy freedom and can confide certain character of your personality that is not really acceptable for family members..yes the crazy you ;). They know your family, but you always come first not your family.

The third factor is work. The reason to get up in the morning and get going. To school, office or house work. The sheer responsibilities in your life, makes you energetic and gives you a boost. Compelling to involve and get tired..but satisfied. The whole process of getting mind and  body engaged, subjectively makes you feel wanted and important.

Location, that is physical but it has climate, social and political situations that determines the level of stress and way of living. It has to do with freedom in movement and expression. It effects your life span and health condition.

You attitude.


Although just smiling never solves any problem, but  it does help to overcome problematic situations. Positive attitude, takes your mind away from worries and get  it working  at finding a solution. Thinking never makes you frown, nor does it  gets your blood pressure rising or diving. 

Exercise 🙂


Young or  old. You must  move for life is a journey..who told you to stop for a break 😉 walk with your spouse or jog with your your pet/dog.or run around to impress your girl friend. Just get  on your feet and go into the open. Life is to belong to the world.. Eat  but never go over the hill . Vegetable are better but you may get fries too. Eat simple, it has a simply fantastic effect on your body weight. 

Life is about living..we must  enjoy it 🙂


daughter’s wedding

A mother always thinks about her daughter’s wedding..and she wants her to have a husband better than hers. I wonder why ? Mothers want better for girls and not really thinking about boys.

We plan wedding with much detail and arrange everything to perfection. And marriage? How much effort is given by “mothers” in persuading and teaching make that successful 🙂 

Afterwards.. some mothers like their son-in-laws and others don’t,  both always make it clear how they amuses me..when in-laws act as out-laws..why they got into a relationship when..they don’t think the other is good enough..even as a person..why daggers are pulled..this fight over love..I think that what triggers..groom’s mother doesn’t want to share her son’s love and bride’s mother doesn’t want to share her son-in-law with the real mother..umh..sort of hijacking 🙂 

All the pomp and show, expensive gifts and dinners..but what is inside your mind matters more..your relationship doesn’t get better  not bitter with does with hatred and contempt..

So..when you attend your daughter’s wedding remember, that the groom’s mother also went through pregnancy, morning sickness and sleepless nights, as you did raising a daughter. 

Let your daughter be free to enjoy her husband and his family..let her connect with the new family members and guide her to connect  groom to your side of family.

Live together, not physically but mentally..accept and is all about sharing.

Life Nature Picture Poetry

Rains are awesome

The fallen petals in the lovely rains

Dance with me , please dance again

I am feeling your drops that soak all my clothes

are drenched and wet

But I love rains , I am in debt

to the shower that falls from dark clouds

as you float  away with grace

leaving earth happy

making sky shine again

rains come each day

to fill my pitcher of joy

I would sail once again

with my handmade paper toys

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Seek again


I left that path

It did lead somewhere

I know it was safe

where they wanted to be

It was their destiny

But I couldn’t follow them blindly

although I was blinded by them

then I asked myself

Do I know where I want to be?

Have I ever been there

No answers  no replies

my mind was empty

Still I want to go

where my heart takes me

Somewhere  there is peace

Paths unknown

I will risk my time and make new  roads

if none exists and life ends  before I reach

there is no more

yet I know..I have followed my ways

I will not regret nor flee

Safe paths are not for me