Daily Prompt -Silver Lining

What is ugly ? Is it to do with physical aspect of things and  people..or is it to do with feelings of disgust, hatred.

War, crime, violence is it ugly.. Does it makes humanity inhuman ? ..butsometimes war is needed for making peace. War for peace..isn’t that ironic..you kill few to save others..those you kill were ugly and those saved are beautiful.

Now comes justification..if majority of literate minds can understand and agree; will the killing action be justified ?or do we engage that majority to first  feel and  develop empathy..Will you shoot someone  becaue you find the radar detecting  life form ..or you will wait and see, who is living before you shot them dead. Will you label people as guilty  before proven innocent or people are innocent  before you execute them as guilty. 

Who will decide and who will be judge ? What is ugly..genocide ? Freedom fights ? So many things that are ugly makes human feel lost and their  hope for a just society  evaporates..suffering prolongs ..till the group who suffered will not tolerate it anymore.. finally they revolt and wage a war..to  get out of suppression..is that ugly or beautiful ? 

The only thing that is good about  a dark night  is, it awaits for dawn.


8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt -Silver Lining

  1. I may be very new on your blog, however I’m really enjoying your writing. The kind of questions you ponder are the same questions I have asked for many years…what is ugly, good or bad, what is reality etc. The difficult part I find, is no matter the subject we may ponder, it always ends up with more questions than answers. But the questioning is always a good (albeit frustrating) thing, its the way we grow and hopefully evolve as a species…looking forward to your next pondering 🙂 -C

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