Online or hotline ;)

It is not about cheating..nope..its not about is all about the zero error deception 😉

In any instant  we think, plan scheme about a lie. Or we fabricate , find an excuse or imagine self pity.We, find not in the truth, for that is all for exposure. We, first tell the lie to ourself, and perfect it to share with another.

Much earlier, when social media was not so much in, people did go for a fling a look, a hook :)) but the internet has given this chance of getting on line..and making it a hot line..untill ..that line gets disconnected..due to a certain reality. Then brooding starts..the feeling of emptiness and return to real life..sort of revenge.

Some hope to be missed and others make sure they are remembered..but in the whole scenario, feelings have and had traveled so far..only magic can be the answer. Is it love or not,  just a lust no one can actually  put a mark.

Thumb rule is, love can not be forgotten  but lust can be mistaken for love ..definition of love can be many..but some say, when your last thought before you sleep and first thought when you wake up, determines who is your true love :))

So..for a conscious about the two don’t report to anyone..just know it 🙂

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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