daughter’s wedding

A mother always thinks about her daughter’s wedding..and she wants her to have a husband better than hers. I wonder why ? Mothers want better for girls and not really thinking about boys.

We plan wedding with much detail and arrange everything to perfection. And marriage? How much effort is given by “mothers” in persuading and teaching daughters..to make that successful 🙂 

Afterwards.. some mothers like their son-in-laws and others don’t,  both always make it clear how they feel..it amuses me..when in-laws act as out-laws..why they got into a relationship when..they don’t think the other is good enough..even as a person..why daggers are pulled..this fight over love..I think that what triggers..groom’s mother doesn’t want to share her son’s love and bride’s mother doesn’t want to share her son-in-law with the real mother..umh..sort of hijacking 🙂 

All the pomp and show, expensive gifts and dinners..but what is inside your mind matters more..your relationship doesn’t get better  not bitter with gifts..it does with hatred and contempt..

So..when you attend your daughter’s wedding remember, that the groom’s mother also went through pregnancy, morning sickness and sleepless nights, as you did raising a daughter. 

Let your daughter be free to enjoy her husband and his family..let her connect with the new family members and guide her to connect  groom to your side of family.

Live together, not physically but mentally..accept and smile..life is all about sharing.


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