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Life is about living it :)

Life  it starts with the family and needs a family to make it healthy and sound. We, got so many roles to play and for that we need partners, for each relationship that  has love, respect and trust. So some we are born with others we need to make. 

The second social  need is, to have friends. Good friends circle, gives you moments that you enjoy freedom and can confide certain character of your personality that is not really acceptable for family members..yes the crazy you ;). They know your family, but you always come first not your family.

The third factor is work. The reason to get up in the morning and get going. To school, office or house work. The sheer responsibilities in your life, makes you energetic and gives you a boost. Compelling to involve and get tired..but satisfied. The whole process of getting mind and  body engaged, subjectively makes you feel wanted and important.

Location, that is physical but it has climate, social and political situations that determines the level of stress and way of living. It has to do with freedom in movement and expression. It effects your life span and health condition.

You attitude.


Although just smiling never solves any problem, but  it does help to overcome problematic situations. Positive attitude, takes your mind away from worries and get  it working  at finding a solution. Thinking never makes you frown, nor does it  gets your blood pressure rising or diving. 

Exercise 🙂


Young or  old. You must  move for life is a journey..who told you to stop for a break 😉 walk with your spouse or jog with your your pet/dog.or run around to impress your girl friend. Just get  on your feet and go into the open. Life is to belong to the world.. Eat  but never go over the hill . Vegetable are better but you may get fries too. Eat simple, it has a simply fantastic effect on your body weight. 

Life is about living..we must  enjoy it 🙂

By kalabalu

Architect-urban designer

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